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Architecture Fabrik

Traders Hub

In line with the National Development Plan 2030, the government aims to contribute to small business development, job creation and urban development. eThekwini Municipality’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP) aligns with this objective in various goals, with the understanding that social cohesion can stimulate economic growth and through learning and unity and thereby sustainable livelihoods. In addition, it is acknowledged that well design facilities can evoke a sense of place and contribute to the identity of key areas of the City.

The eThekwini Municipality Economic Development Unit has noted that informal trading has a real impact on the economy, and has developed programs aimed at revitalising priority nodes, especially those that are in a decline. The role of these programs is to transform townships into areas of productive activities, contribute to socially inclusive wealth creation, and help foster sustainable livelihoods through active citizenship and social cohesion. Grouping traders provides benefits for the traders and the community by providing supply linkages, greater economies of scale, and diversity of offerings in one area.


Cato Crest, Durban
Ethekwini Economic Development Unit