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Architecture Fabrik


The vison for the future of Durban is articulated in the eThekwini Inner City Local Area Plan (LAP). Specifically, Goal 7 of the LAP proposes that “a well-functioning residential property market will provide a range of accommodation options for people across the socio-economic spectrum” through the provision of various categories of housing opportunities, including social housing.  This goal in turn is intended to give effect to Goal 16 of UN Sustainable Development Goals to ‘promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development’ through equitable access to quality housing, infrastructure, services and job opportunities.  

Architecture Fabrik has been involved in the feasibility studies of Social Housing since 2015. In 2017, we worked with a Social Housing Institute to develop a designs on multiple sites. Balancing capital cost, maintenance over the 50 year lease, security, and desirable living environments along with policy, institutional directives, funding constraints and town planning requirements is challenging and slow.  The first project is due to break ground in 2024. 


KZN, South Africa