Architecture Fabrik

Architecture Fabrik

Rural high school

This rural school was in a poor state of disrepair, until generous financial support from the Mazisi Kunene Foundation and Bidvest slowly transformed it into the leading academic institution in the area. This required investment in a reliable source of clean water, upgraded ablutions, new security office, kitchen, classrooms and a dedicated science centre. 

Many children in this community receive their only meal of the day at school. The facilities for preparing food were make shift and crowded. A previously disused building that was providing and informal opportunity for learners to congregate unsupervised, was renovated to accommodate a security guard, new kitchen, and a small classroom. 

The new science centre was built and fully equipped with experiment kits, Bunsen burners and furniture. Through the involvement of the Mazisi Kunene Foundation and additional academic support, the pass rate of this school has been substantially increased. 

Location: South Coast, KZN
Completed: 2016
In Association: Don Albert & Partners