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Architecture Fabrik

Residential Typologies

Residential Typologies This project aimed at formalising housing in an area that housed approximately 40,000 people in semi-formal and informal structures. The poor road network presented a  problem for the local authorities as there was no vehicular access for emergency, policing or refuse collection purposes.  By designing some basic typologies on a theoretical land parcel, […]

Social Housing

Housing The vison for the future of Durban is articulated in the eThekwini Inner City Local Area Plan (LAP). Specifically, Goal 7 of the LAP proposes that “a well-functioning residential property market will provide a range of accommodation options for people across the socio-economic spectrum” through the provision of various categories of housing opportunities, including […]

Cultural Precinct

Durban Cultural Precinct Place Making Strategy Promoting Plan 6 of the eThekwini Municipality IDP, namely  A VIBRANT AND CREATIVE CITY – THE FOUNDATION FOR SUSTAINABILITY AND SOCIAL COHESION. The vision set out aligns with eThekwini’s goals with the Sustainable Development Goal’s, and the more focused Local Area Plan. The World Organisation of United Cities and […]


Durban City Architects Guide An accessible introduction to the architecture of Durban This ambitious project is a collection of photographs and research that presents the diverse social, geographic, economic, cultural and religious history of Durban through its architecture. It showcases a rich selection of at least one hundred buildings and is a guide that allows […]

Public Realm

Francis Farewell Square This project named ‘Public Realm Architecture’ undertaken by Ethekwini Municipality’s ‘City Architects’ was given the go-ahead in late 2009 in anticipation of the 2010 World Cup. The aim of the project was to provide much needed maintenance and restoration of the area stretching from Gugu Dlamini (formerly Central) Park, north of the […]

Freedom Cafe

Freedom Cafe and the Concierge Hotel Tucked behind the gritty commercial zone of Umgeni Road in Durban, lie a series of Victorian workers’ cottages from the late 1800’s. When the client acquired four of these semi-detached units, the brief was to create a boutique hotel with adjoining studios for creative professionals. With the development being […]

The Test of Time

History, Culture and Identity Universal access Completed in 1910, the design of Durban’s City Hall was won in competition by Woollacott, Scott & Hudson. The building fronts Church Street adjacent to Francis Farewell Square. Both the City Hall and Francis Farewell Square are National Monuments. There are three distinct sections to this building. The administrative […]

A Book Is A Friend

A Book Is A Friend Gathering and sharing information for social benefit There is a growing sense that the age of public libraries is over. But in reality, public libraries are more essential than ever.   The 15000sq.m New Durban Central City (NDCC) Library constitutes an investment of approximately R500m by both local and provincial […]

Social Housing

Social Housing Heritage Impact Completed in 1936, this building is listed on the Heritage Register, Level Grade 3.  City Building or otherwise know as Oldham House is of the International Style, Art Moderne. The horizontality is marked by the flat roof, smooth wall finish, the continuous hood at the head of the fenestration on both […]

UIA 2014

Community Living Planning Low Cost Housing on Steep GradientsFinding The Front Door and Improving Liveability Flat land within 40km of the Durban CBD that could reasonably be appropriated for low cost housing has become a rarity. Sites currently under review for housing projects range from steep 1:3 gradients to a slightly better 1:5 gradient. It […]